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We are members of the best club in Canada. Notice that we didn't say squash club, because we think the Toronto Racquet Club is more than just a squash club. It is a refuge, a place where we can relax and enjoy the people and ambience which make up our club.

Our premises are modest, but what we do have has served us well for over 105 years. Our strength lies in the quality and character of our members –a fraternity of varied and different people, who we are proud to call friends. When we set foot in the club – our spirits lift and we know the next few hours will be well spent. Our comradeship continues to grow stronger and is what makes our club unique.

The Toronto Racquet Club has a long history of traditions and values which we as members have come to expect and cherish. One of the most important of these values is our "inclusive" environment, which encourages participation in club activities - no matter what your skill level or age.

To this end, we have introduced a mentorship program for our newer members to help them meet some of our more senior members and to learn about the history, culture and traditions of the club. Communication and interaction are the keys to a happy and vibrant club.

The goal is for all members to feel that when they walk through the doors they have entered their "home away from home". 

If you are not a member of the club and are interested in learning more, please call us at (416) 922-3665 or Email Us.